About Me

I am a PhD student in the Department of Cognitive Science at UCSD. As a member of Dr. Sarah Creel's Language Acquisition and Sound Recognition Lab, I am interested in human auditory and motor processing. I am particularly interested in how we hear, move, speak and think rhythmically. Using techniques and knowledge from computational modeling, psychophysics, electrophysiology and ethnomusicology, I apply the filter of musical rhythm and entrainment to understand broader questions about how we interact with our environment.

I am particularly excited about expanding our understanding of these issues by considering crosscultural and individual differences in rhythmic cognition. In addition to allowing me to make the best of my interdisciplinary training in a wide range of cognitive science methodologies, this avenue of research will lead to a more holistic understanding of human sensorimotor functioning and even bring insights to practical tools in fields such as music information retrieval!

On a personal note, I am proudly a native of Santa Barbara County in California and spend my non-cogsci time researching California and Pacific history and playing percussion and mandolin. While I am completely happy with the life of a cognitive scientist, I do occasionally miss my past as a linguist -- paper handouts, fieldwork and pride in knowledge of obscure Romance language dialects -- and take the occasional trip down language lane.